The Art of Scanning  

Chad Kleitsch

2 different directions in Chad's scannographies,
the paper works and the botanical works:

"Letter from Albert Einstein", 2005
Written to Rudolf Wurlitzer, April 17, 1931
Print size 27.75x44"

"Waters Sleep" ,2005
Emily Dickinson letter to Benjerman Kimball, 1885
Print size 42x54"

Nonsense receipt, 2005. Found paper.
Print size 42x57.8" • Edition 1/6

Works on Paper #42, 2004
Folded & crumpled found paper.
Print size 42x54" • Edition 1/6

"Love Letter", 2005.
Print size 42x51"• Edition 1/6

"Diane Arbus", 2005
Ripped typed letter from Diane Arbus to Lawrence Shainberg.
Print size 40x45.5"• Edition 1/6

“Poem of the Soul” 2004
Title page from John Davies book, Published 1715, third edition.
Print size 40x50"• Edition 1/6

“Letter from Camp”, 2004
Rudy Wurlitzer, letter to his mother, circa 1946.
Print size 31x44" • Edition 1/6


Leaf 90

Leaf 101

Leaf 61

Flower 21

Flower 57

Flower 13

Flower 40

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