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Diane Kaye talks about her material on
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What is scannography?

Scannography (also called scanography, Scanner Photography or
Scan-art) is a new way to represente the world around us…

In this slideshow you can discover randomly images
of what you can find on the artists pages.

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Scannography is near from photography but also very different from it in many points. A few of them are the absence of perspective and of depth of field, the regularity of the light captured by thousands of captors… Some of these points are very different from one artist to the other. The material seeem to have it's importance too.

One of the most interesting things about scannography is that it is a new way to see the things around us. It's not macro but can be ! It's not drawing but has something similar to those documentary drawings done to capture the essence of plants or animals ! It's not photography but it reproduces the reality with extraodinary precision !

The term is subject to discussions, I choosed the "scannography" with two "n" because I thought it suited with the fact that most scannographers do a real graphic work based on scanner (with two "n") captured images. Scannography is also the term for medical scanns but that shouldn't be a contrariety. Some artist prefer "scanography" with one "n" as "scan" is ended with one only.

In the early days of photography it wasn't considered at all as an Art. It's up to us to make scannography seen as something special that has it's place in Fine Arts…

You will discover some artists here (if you are yourself a scannographer and want to be included in those pages please contact me) and some tips and tricks on this site that can help you to catch what scannography is about !

Christian Staebler
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• Les Rucinski >

Marty explains how he creates his “scandalas” here

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